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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Web Wednesday


- How to re size a watch. No need to take it to a jeweller now.

- Food: crispy trail bars; easy homemade vanilla ice cream; fish tacos with avocado crema; earl gray latte; DIY buttermilk and baking powder; candy floss melting moments; lamingtons; strawberry toppa ice cream tart; pistachio hazelnut nougat and a white chocolate mocha!

- 25 kitchen things to do while your tea is steeping

- Scrap booking for beginners. I have so many photos I need to sort through then I am on to it.

- 10 tips for a productive life. Helpful!

- How to clean your washing machine with white vinegar. Added to my to do list…

- How to politely say no to a ridiculous unreasonable request

- Closet organisation pro’s and con’s

- Valentines: Buy or DIY Valentine cards; 10 best lingerie sets; printable floral valentines; giant quiver of arrows; gifts for men; fortune tellers; giant tissue paper heart; 25 handmade gifts; mini heart pinatas and 40 fabulous ideas!

- How to organise your digital photos. So I can scrapbook!

- A good use of club soda. Hello healthy plants!

- How to get your kids to eat. Its a struggle some days.

- Putting the pill to bed

- 52 brilliant ideas for organising your home

- DIY: leather organiser; chamomile oatmeal bath; kawaii decoden phone case; arts and crafts storage; dottie sheets and a mail sorter!

- Shopping rules 101. Rules to shop by!

- Throw out 100 things challenge. Easily done…

- Railway Resort for sale. I know someone who would love this!

- Subway secret menu items. Wonder if it works here in New Zealand?

- The best time to book airline tickets.

- Meal prep for the upcoming week. I want to do this!

- How to keep your house clean in 20 mins a day.

- Post ideas for the stumped blogger. I can’t wait for part 2!

What did you see on the web this week?


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