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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Web Wednesday


- How to stock a bar cart!

- Food: Squid ink pasta; candy crush donut holes; skillet lasagna; raw banana cashew pudding; acai bowl; beet and goat cheese parfait; white chocolate chunk lavender ice cream or passion fruit cheesecake ice cream; tropical summer crush; pistachio calissons; raw vegan tiramisu; coconut black rice breakfast pudding; kumquat water and bacon and gruyere flat bread;

- 15 genius tips for living in small spaces as I live in a small space…

- What Earth will look like in quintillion years. No men?!

- DIY: Leather loop cutting board; kitchen calendar station; party supply organisation; natural scrub; wooden polaroid set; door organiser; faux gold bookends; Vaseline alternative; memory box; birch wood table; eye clock from wire hanger and office wall pockets.

- A drivable truck made of ice. Only in winter obviously.

- Regrow fresh scallions in a glass of water. I’m going to try this!

- Book recommendations for the new year. One I have read and the rest I will read.

- Valentines: Toffee; you make me melt; candy filled; candy bar wrappers and 7 non edible gifts for kids.

- What to do with all your random crap. Lots of it!

- 10 of the most ridiculously expensive food and drink items of all time, which I will NEVER buy.

- A slow cooker controlled by your iPhone. Cool!

- Would you buy a slightly haunted house?

- Celebrity Disney portraits. They chose the right celebrities.

- 20 time saving cooking tips from chefs and food experts

- 35 behind the scenes photos from the set of Ghostbusters. One of my favourite movies of all time!

- Stay at home dad leaves post its for his wife. Lol.

- Since when is pregnancy a competitive sport?

- I hope this Jennifer Lawrence story is true!

- 50 of the best uses for coconut oil. Its now an essential.

- How about cooking for a whole month?

- Lighting tips and tricks for bloggers and photographers

- 8 tips for raising an only child. Princess is an only child.

- Hanging light makes a spooky forest

- 10 tips for transforming your kitchen. Easy!

What reads did you find online this week?


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