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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sleepovers and bike rides


Princess has been learning to ride her bike without trainer wheels during the school holidays and today she managed to ride on her own for at least 30 metres if not more. I think after a few more rides she will be away and on her own.

She had a sleepover on her own at her grandparents a couple of days ago and we were worried we would get a phone call in the night saying she wanted to come home but apparently it all went smoothly and she wanted to stay again the next night (though I think it has more to do with the yummy dessert they made for her that night!)

Her grandmother wants to spend a day out with her somewhere special and have her for another sleepover before she goes back to school in 2 weeks time. So now I am searching online for fun places or events they could go to in either Tauranga or Hamilton. Any suggestions?

What do you like to do with your kids in the school holidays? Do you go for bike rides and organise sleepovers for them?


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