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Friday, January 24, 2014

Saving Money: Menu Planning


One of my unwritten goals this year is to save money and as one of my largest bills is my grocery bill I have decided to start up a menu planner in the hopes if I am more organised I will spend less at the supermarket each week. The other benefits will be that there will be less food wastage, worry about “what they hell am I going to have for dinner?”, a chance to be creative with my meals which should be fun (or at the very least…interesting?) and I can use leftovers from the previous week and utilise food from my garden.

I hope to plan my meals and create a shopping list the night before my weekly shop and browse the supermarket pamphlets, my cupboards and garden at the same time.

Yesterday I created a menu planner using the DIY from the blog  Homemade by Carmona (though I used clear book covering not self laminated sheets as I couldn’t find any online that were affordable – meant to be saving money remember?) before my printer decided the black ink had run out so I still have one more set of menu idea sheets to print.

So I scoured Pinterest, magazines and cookbooks to look for menu ideas that contained sweet corn, broccoli, green beans and avocados which I have in abundance and our peaches will be ready in a few days so I may need to look for some interesting peach recipes. Saving is fun!

Do you use a menu planner? Got any creative cheap recipes?


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