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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas Time


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On Christmas Day we were woken up at 6am by Princess who got up when she realised Santa had been and had eaten the chocolate and whiskey she had left for him. No milk and cookies for this Santa!  

We got dressed and opened all the presents on our bed while still half asleep and so decided to leave the Santa stockings until Boxing Day as we had to get ready to go with my in laws up to Auckland to my brother and sister in laws place for the night. 

She got all dressed up in her new dress, sandals and jewellery and we ate a breakfast of chocolate croissants and fresh juice. I had packed an overnight bag, bags of food, a chilly bin for the trifle and salad I had made for Christmas dinner and some bedding for Princess etc.

We do a Secret Santa with Husband’s family adults so there were only presents for Princess and I to open when we got there as my sister in law pulled my name out for Secret Santa. They also got my mother in law and her present (which I want a copy of) is still in the post.

We ate a whole bunch of nibbles and had drinks and also set up Princess’s bed for the night which she promptly covered with the Mickey Mouse duvet set she had just been given. She loved the room we were in upstairs and kept going up there and shouting down at us from the bedroom window.

Christmas lunch for us always lasts pretty much all of the afternoon and was a very delicious turkey which they had cooked on their new barbeque , some yummy salads and homemade bread. Dessert was a pumpkin pie some America friends of theirs had made and bought over, butterscotch custard and the scrumptious pavlova. It looked (and definitely tasted) like the best pav ever and we all took photos of it!!!

After such a wonderful lunch we went for a long walk down to the beach which is like a tradition for us to do after eating so much and came back and watched Despicable Me 2 which Princess had bought up with her.

Then it was dinner time so the men got the BBQ going again and cooked up some home killed lamb steaks and sausages my mother in law bought up and we ate that along with the salad I bought up and a bunch of leftovers. Dessert if we could manage to eat much more was leftovers, the trifle I had made and some scorched almonds. Yum!

We were all in bed by 10pm though I had to laugh when I woke up in the morning to find Princess fast asleep between her makeshift bed and ours. So much for bringing a bed with us! She did say before we went to bed that she thought she wasn’t close enough to us…

On Boxing Day my mother in law and Princess made a breakfast of a bacon and egg bake and we had leftover trifle. I had bought some fruit so Princess could make fruit salad and yogurt but we took that back home with us.

We watched some cartoons with Princess while we were having breakfast then we pretty much tidied up, packed up the car and headed home. We got home and unpacked and ate more leftovers for lunch (so much eating in this post!) and opened our stockings and visited some friends and family so Princess got to open more presents…

What did you do for Christmas?


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