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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Web Wednesday


- How I Battled Breakouts – some good tips for those with acne

- How about some tips to increase your blog traffic?

- Or how to create a style guide for your blog

- Maybe you could even learn how to befriend bloggers

- Love the DIY Instax Wallpaper tutorial by Elsie

- I like the studded trend and the nail how to from Elle is great

- This nail foil tutorial is pretty cool too!

- Some really cute free downloadable gift tags

- And 9 easy gift wrap ideas as well!

- Looking for a job? Here are some crazy things people have done to land one!

- Or do you need to move to jump start your career?

- I’m a fan of drinking Bailey’s but making my own irish cream would be nice

- I have to try making a cadbury flake frozen hot chocolate too!

- The private book collections of 10 famous readers fascinates me

- Get your kids to play with shaving cream this weekend

- New IKEA for February – yay!

- The Carrie Diaries premiered recently and here is how to make the DIY Carrie Purse that was on the first episode

- Or make candy lanterns for your next sweet party

Pimp Your Phone – what I’ll be doing to mine!

- This is hilarious – people are paying $110 to eat dirt

What did you read on the web this week?


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