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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Web Wednesday


On a Thursday today as the power was off all day yesterday as the power company was putting in new power poles...

- A raspberry and coconut smoothie would be delicious right about now – its so hot here!

- The best crunchy roast potatoes you will ever have – when its roast weather I’ll be cooking these and some pork and apple sausage rolls

- Premium Royal Dragon Vodka – the bottles are so stunning I’d hate to open them so I might be better off with a chocolate, peanut butter and banana ale – plus the bottles are pink…

- Harry Potter fans would like the I must not tell lies tattoo

- I love nachos and the mexican chocolate cake would go down well after a feast of nachos

- Painting a bar in a beertone colour would be pretty rad!

- A candle that will remind you of your granddad

- Furniture that your kid can draw on

- The perfect print for bloggers – its on my wish list!

- Need some new coasters? DIY faux polaroid coasters would be awesome

- Some decluttering tips and 30 great home office organising tools and 5 tips to organise your vanity

-  A rainbow unicorn party anyone would like to be invited too

- Would you wear some uber extreme eyelash jewelry?

- A tad expensive but figurines made from your child’s drawings would make a neat gift

- The easiest way to create video content? Use Magisto

- Got a kid and Apple mad? How about an iPotty?

- Shoes with flashing lights - by Jeffrey Campbell too

- Princess would love this dollhouse – pretty!

- How To Save Money on Your Smartphone Bill When Travelling Internationally – a post for my in laws to read

- Need lessons on how to make the perfect cup of tea? Or turn used coffee grounds into coffee granita?

- Make an adjustable mini camera tripod out of disposable razors or a gold star hanging

- Looking for a lunchbox? Check these out

- Wow! Build a rainbow igloo and more fun with ice

- When saying no is better than yes

-  My Husband would like some moldable sandpaper
- The ultimate ALT Summit Survival Guide if you are attending!

- I have a huge amount of rosemary and mint growing outside. I should make bath salts with it

- I want all of the Nach animal rings

- A website that makes porn safe for work

- A photo series of the last meals of killers

- Ebook Glue transforms blogs into an ebook

- A collection of great DIYs

- Cranberry Nut Energy Bars - yum!

- Kat’s latest business bites post has some great links!

What did you read this week?


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