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Sunday, January 27, 2013

January Wishlist

January Wishlist

1. I love this dress from ASOS and I think it would be perfect for summer parties

2. I want to take instant photos but I need an instax camera 

3. My heels have started to become really dry so the foot file would help slough away the dead skin

4. I saw this envelope clutch on numerous blogs and I adore polka dot print

5. The mugs in our house are always getting chipped and I wish I had a monogrammed letter A mug

6. My glasses also end up broken or chipped but these ones made in Germany wouldn't

7. I want to do a blog design course and a copy of Photoshop would come in handy

8. I saw this gift wrapping book on A Beautiful Mess and have wanted it ever since

9. The print concerning giving credit would look great above my desk

10. Combined with the foot file this scrub should do wonders for my feet

Whats on your wish list for January?


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