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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Web Wednesday


As you may have noticed I have shortened this feature to Web Wednesday as I always felt the title was a bit long and I have made a few changes to my blog design. Here’s what I discovered this week!

- I’m going to try making Hidden Treasure Muffins. I could put all kinds of yummy sweets inside!

- Hearing Danielle define her son Aidan’s style is great and I’m guilty of just picking things for Princess cos they are cute!

- Loving Robintail Designs new Sugar and Spice collection. I want one of everything.

- Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee posted her wedding invites and they are perfectly her.

- 8 Inspiration Sources For Bloggers are fantastic sources.

- What could be better than a cupcake? An edible cupcake stand for it to sit on of course!

- Ways To Simplify is a personal post with some good ideas.

- Can someone please get me a Roald Dahl mug?

- I adore Elizabeth’s cheap date ideas. Some things to do when Princess is at school.

- If I had a spare $15,000 I suppose Princess could buy Husband some whiskey for Father’s Day

- I’m liking the styling of a first birthday party and you can make the feather headband, tent and arrow cupcake toppers yourself.

- Maple, Bacon and Beer cupcakes anyone? I might try this one.

- 8 Super Cute Zero Waste Lunch Ideas. I’d like to move towards less throw away packaging.

- I can’t help thinking that I need to update a denim shirt that I own.

What great posts did you read on the web?

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