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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Turning Five





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Princess recently turned 5 and she also started school last week so it was definitely a milestone birthday for her. The night before her birthday I blew up a bunch of balloons and hung them up in her loft while she was asleep and there was major excitement the next morning when she woke up; "Mum, there are balloons in my room! Why are there balloons in my room?!" She made a mad dash to our bedroom and we piled all the presents on our bed while she proceeded to open them all. This year we bought her only a couple of presents, a Blythe doll and a Leap Pad Explorer instead of a huge amount of cheap things which she either breaks or gets bored with really easily. She really wanted the Leap Pad Explorer and I think it will be a great educational tool (though it eats up batteries super fast so I've ordered an AC adapter and a battery charger!) as well as being really fun.I'm already looking at all the apps and game cartridges you can get for it.

She had daycare that day so I sent her off with a couple of packets of chips and the hickory dickory dock cake she wanted me to make for her and had a little party with her friends there before we picked her up in the afternoon. We had been invited out for dinner the night at the local RSA as a friend of ours was turning 50 that day as well so Princess got dressed up wearing some of her new things - a leopard print coat, jewellery, hair accessories and her Little Diva handbag. I had Thai Chicken Curry which was delicious as was the white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake I had for dessert. There was still birthday cake to come and a friend had bought a gorgeous purple cake for Princess that matched our friends larger one. Ours didn't get eaten (it's currently in our freezer waiting for Princess's grandparents to get back from overseas and to share with a select few).

As it had been on a weekday we waited until the weekend and then we treated Princess and a couple of her friends to a trip to Hamilton Zoo and had lunch at the cafe there. I made yet another cake, this time pink and sprinkle covered. Her favourite animals were the giraffes and the chimpanzees. In fact she seemed so fascinated by the chimps she kept lagging behind to stare at them. When we had finished and the kids had, had a play at the playground I wanted to get her something chimp related from the gift shop but they only had magnets. A bit disappointing but otherwise we had a great time.

How do or did you like to spend your and/or your kids birthdays?


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