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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wicked Web Wednesday


- Liking these mason jar chandeliers!

- I bought a bag of avocados from a roadside stall last week and now they need using up pronto! I tried to make a tray of avocado popsicles but failed. I might try these popsicle recipes instead or go with completely different ideas when hunger strikes.

- I want to try DIY cheese making kits too…

-  Check out Doggelganger to see what your dog twin looks like and then you have the option of adopting your dog twin from the New Zealand SPCA

- If you are ever in Maryland take a colossal food challenge!

- I have never tried S’mores but damn they look yummy. I haven’t seen the last Harry Potter movie either but when I do I’ll be having these on the night.

- Don’t think I could put my complete faith in this technology.

- I love the art kit and keep kids busy kit that Elizabeth put together.

- If I ever go to Paris again I’m staying at La Belle Juliette for sure.

- I’m a complete sucker for soaps in cute packaging

- If you want your makeup brushes to last its a good idea to learn how to clean them.

- The Ultimate Guide To Making Your Period Suck Less is another great post from Gala Darling plus she got married!

- I’d eat salad every day if it looked like dragon salad.

- Just discovered a cool new website called Pure Wow. Looking good!

- A girl’s spa party and all soap dessert table. Clever and cute.

- A 12.2 Billion Dollar Home Is The World's Most Expensive Home Ever Built and its gold. Then there are the ultra colourful houses.

-   A DIY on How To Make Glitter Shoes. I love sparkly shoes!

- One of my favourite kiddie blogs is Lil’ Magoolie. I particularly love their DIY posts especially 1, 2, 3, and 4.

- We have a mobile business so I really liked this post on cute mobile businesses

- Quinoa salad with avocado dressing looks and sounds delish! I could wash it down with a mini milkshake shooter afterwards.

- I strongly urge you to cute-ify your room if you haven’t already done so.

- Princess and I have been reading Little Ballet Star so now she wants to do ballet. Now might be a good excuse to get something from the Tutu Du Monde collection

- How To Make A Sewing Pattern Out Of Existing Clothing looks surprisingly simple!

- 5 Fun Ways To Use Glitter – oh yes!

- If you are an expectant mother this is a fun way to find out the sex of the baby and announce it to your loved ones.

- You can now get a Printstagram, a mini book filled with your Instagram photos.

- $15,000 for a pair of real diamond embedded contact lenses. OK!

- I like Elsie’s song lyric wall art diy. I might create something similar for Princess’s loft.

- Enter a 5k obstacle course zombie race – run for your lives!

- Take a peek into The New Gypsies. I really want to read his book.

-  Nubby Twiglet blogged about her organization methods. Great tips and tricks.

- A great hand washing tool for kiddies. It makes it so much easier to wash their hands.

Make Natural, Earth Friendly, Eco-Chic Soap from Soap Queen on Vimeo.

beet cake from tiger in a jar on Vimeo.


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