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Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Pink Loft


I know I haven’t posted anything in the last two months, that is until this week! That might be the reason why this weeks Wicked Web Wednesday post was incredibly…well…ginormous! My apologies…

Since Princess was born she had been sleeping at the end of our bed in a cot and then on the cot mattress on the floor when we discovered the cot had GULP! broken. There isn’t a lot of space in a house truck so you have to make the most of what space is available and that was our best option at the time. For the past month or so though we have slowly been working on the loft for her, it had been pretty much a dumping ground for our junk and well stuff? up until now. It was intended for when we had a child and I guess that’s what normally happens when it goes unused.

The framework for the loft had been built and the exterior lined and insulated with polystyrene internally before we emptied out the loft and started working on it. Husband and I ended up having to take out the polystyrene and kill mould and repaint before putting the polystyrene back in again. Once the polystyrene was back in Husband painted the plywood, which would be used for the interior lining, in the shed in a pretty pink aptly named Sleepy Princess! The reason we painted it before it got in is due to the lack of height in the loft, if you really could see it you would understand why.

A friend of ours came over and put a boat hatch in the roof to let more air and light into the loft, cut out the pink plywood to shape and interior lined it around the lights and hatch and installed a lip for the mattress so that it doesn’t move while we travel and so Princess doesn’t fall out of bed. Husband put in the wiring for the lights and stuck more screws in the lining to hold it up then I touched up the lining with paint.

Next was the fun part and can be seen in the photos. A single mattress got put up there along with all the new bedding, new bunting and new wall decals that she got for her birthday recently. Husband came up with the idea of cutting out the center of a couple of the big flower decals and putting it around the lights. I think it looks really cool!

Her first couple of nights up there have been successful. No getting upset or running to our room. Its not surprising as we have been preparing her up for moving up there for awhile now.

There are still a lot of jobs that need doing up there like curtains to separate the lounge area from the loft, sanding and varnishing the floor and putting a rug up there, connecting the lights to the switch so they go and putting some cupboards/drawers in for storage but at least she can sleep up there!

Have you undertaken any big projects lately? If so, tell me about them!


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