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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wanaka Puzzles Me

It has been at least 10 years since my Husband and I visited Puzzling World in Wanaka and we hadn't been back to Wanaka until yesterday so we decided to take Princess there as we thought she would enjoy it.The attraction prides itself on being the most puzzling place on the planet.

The attraction is made up of two parts, The Illusion Rooms and The Great Maze. You can choose to do either or both, this time we decided to do both in case it was another 10 years before we came back to Wanaka...again!

The first room we went into was full of incredible 3D hologram photos - my favourites were the bananas which Princess tried to grab and the clown which as you moved side to side changed. I can't help myself when it comes to playing with plasma static electricity balls either! As we went into the next room they had  illusion paintings all over the walls. I thought this animal one was pretty cool. Can you see the six animals?

They had a hall of following faces, which was the next room and it has 168 famous faces which as you move appear to follow your every move. Creepy! I tried taking a photo in there but the lighting was terrible.

The Ames Room was next and was probably my favourite room of all of them.You could also watch people in there as they moved from corner to corner. At one corner a person would look like a dwarf but as they moved to the other corner they became giants! They had a television screen outside it that had a two minute time delay, so you could go in and then watch yourself go from being a dwarf to a giant when you came out! I only wish I had taken a video of our experience in there.

The Tilted House was the last illusion room and it was just that, tilted. My Husband hopped on the stairs and stood straight, or what amounts to straight in a tilted house. Princess and him played with the pool table where the balls went uphill and we each had a go at going uphill to the bottom of the ride. They had a display where it showed water coming out of a tap and running uphill as well.

Before we went off to do The Great Maze we all needed a toilet break and outside the toilets they had a roman style toilet roman painting and toilets which could easily have been mistaken for the real thing. Obviously a few people had as they had signs saying not to actually use them.

Dress - Cotton On; Bag - Gifted; Cardi - Thrifted; Tights and boots - The Warehouse and glasses which I was wearing in some photos - Waihi Optometrists

Here I am up the top of the Great Maze which consists of two challenges, one takes longer than the other so it depends on your time and patience really. They have emergency doors for those without it. Unfortunetly we didn't spend long in there as Princess was playing up big time and I didn't want her getting lost in there.

Did I not happen to mention I have amazing strength and that I'm actually a super villain? Outside Puzzling World was the Leaning Tower of Wanaka (forget Pisa!) and I wanted to take some photos before we left. I look as though I have superhuman strength and also like I'm attempting to crush a busload of tourists. The magic of photography!

Are you into puzzles, illusions or just plain magic (or anything magical for that matter)?

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