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Monday, February 7, 2011


We are back in Woodville and I've just realised that I missed my first blog anniversary! I'm thinking about doing a giveaway soon...

This morning we took Princess to the playground across the road from the camping ground and I took some outfit photos with my new, old camera  finally!

They had a memorial plaque, a pavillion and some lovely big trees which made for a perfect backdrop for taking photos.

Its a pity I look like I'm half asleep and away with the fairies in all the photos and gosh! my legs are lily white compared with the rest of me.

I went on an earrings buying spree at Diva recently and the skull earstuds I'm wearing was one of the things I bought. The photo is blurry so I have to tell you that the skulls are gold, have sparkly diamante eyes and pink flower diamante headpieces. Gorgeous!

Dress: The Warehouse, Belt: Pagani, Shoes: Cotton On, Earrings: Diva

What fabulous attire did you dress yourself up in today?


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