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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mini Me #4

Dress and shorts - Gifted; scarf - Thrifted; Jandals - Gifted

Sorry, for the long blog break, yet again! I'm going to try once again to blog more frequently and schedule some posts for when I am away over Christmas. Princess, Husband and I are off to the Gold Coast next Thursday for 4 nights staying at Husband's sister's place and alot of Husband's family will be over there for Christmas too. Can't wait!

The photos here of Princess I took nearly a month ago when we were in Papakura for the weekend. The dress she is wearing used to be mine and my grandparents bought it in 1980 when they were on holiday in Hawaii. It has matching shorts which you may or may not be able to see underneath the dress. The back is too big so I found a red scarf of Husband's and tied the straps together at the back into a bow. 

The jandals she is wearing I can't seem to be able to get them off her. She loves them too much but I hate them. She can't walk in them properly so falls over in them all the time and there are chew marks in them. I have a feeling it might be from her chewing on them. Such a clean and hygienic child!


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