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Friday, December 17, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past

A few photos taken from the last 3 Christmas celebrations. I didn't take many photos but this year I plan on taking lots as we are having a big family Christmas this year in the Gold Coast. I'm used to celebrating Christmas during the summer (no white Christmas for me!) but it will be 35 degrees which is alot hotter than New Zealand summers so I'm hoping all our meals will be held al fresco, there will be lots of shady trees to lounge under and that the swimming pool will be accessible all hours. Plenty of cocktails wouldn't go amiss either!

If not, I'm sure I'll be longing for a white Christmas while I melt.
Do you normally celebrate Christmas in winter or in summer? How would you celebrate, and decorate for Christmas if you were in the other hemisphere?



  1. oh so cute you can have a hot christmas like us

  2. it's practically summer when i visit my family for's usually 60 to 70F.