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Friday, December 3, 2010

Fabulous Friday


Dress and cardigan - Jay Jays, Shoes - Cotton On, Handbag - The Warehouse, Specs in the last pic - Fusion

I must first apologise for the sporadic posting, just haven't been into it lately as the month of November was awful for me and December is turning out to be just as bad. This has mostly been due to the numerous problems with our trailer brakes, spent a small fortune on them - $2,000 every few weeks eek! and they are still providing us with headaches. Our COF is due soon so hopefully we will have it fixed properly and for longer than a few weeks at a time! 

By now we would have bought a new generator or the new gas oven I've been hoping for plus we are supposed to be going to the Gold Coast in 3 weeks for Christmas. I can't cancel as we won't get any money back and we've already booked and paid for airport parking. Enough with the financial woes...

We have travelled back and forth to our winter base in Waihi for the past month as we do fairs within 2-3 hours drive away and for the past few weeks we have had our friend Kylie - along with her cat, Chevy and her dog, Dharma staying in her bus at Waihi.

Last week the weather was fantastic and extremely hot so we decided that we would all go into Karangahake Gorge and go on an old mine walk where they have cutout "windows" you can walk into when you get sick of wandering around in the dark with a torch. And then there are the spring bridges. Gulp!

I did love this dress but someone asked if I was pregnant last weekend so I might change my mind about the loving of it. I bought the cardi at the same time and I still love that. Its great to throw over summer dresses when it starts cooling down at night. The handbag I bought for $9 in a sale at The Warehouse. Its bright blue, has just the right amount of slouchyness - is that even a word? and fits everything including the kitchen sink - in case you need one as you are wandering about. The shoes I have worn before and they fit perfectly and are extremely soft. I've been wearing them alot when I'm not wearing a pair of havaianas.


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