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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I'm madly sweet about:

Grandparents Day at Princess's daycare and infact her actually being back there two days a week! ♥ Leftover candy from Halloween ♥ vege pizza ♥ fireworks ♥ our brakes being fixed on the trailer ♥ Games night at our neighbours ♥ heart key earrings ♥ having a nail artist at the fair ♥ sunny days ♥ my new bright blue handbag ♥ cheap DVD sales ♥ theme park visit planning ♥ cupcake underwear ♥ pink strawberry sprinkles ♥ finding out I'm going to be an aunty again! ♥ delicious all you can eat meals at Valentines ♥ pina colada cocktails ♥ long walks all over Hamilton ♥ advent calendars ♥ catching up with friends you haven't seen in years! ♥ learning that Kushti Bok means Good Luck in Romany or gypsy language if you want to be precise! Plus learning the language in general ♥ 

So Kushti Bok everyone and hope you had a madly sweet week too!

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