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Monday, November 1, 2010

Mini Me #3


Barbie top - The Warehouse; Jumpsuit - gifted; Jersey - new from The Warehouse and Jandals - free

My normal blogging schedule seems to have gone out the window of late. I know I'm being lazy at blogging but my days are going by too quickly as I'm so busy with my offline life and then forget I should be fitting my regular posts in somewhere. I'll be back to regular blogging soon.

I basically put Princess in these clothes in a hurry as the kids all wanted her to go on the train with them. It was Labour Weekend and although the sun was out it was chilly due to the cold wind coming off the sea from the South. 

I love the jumpsuit which my Mum bought her for her birthday back in July. When it gets warmer I'm hoping she will want to wear it more. The jersey I bought because I had a spring clean of Princess's wardrobe and had chucked out a heap of jerseys thinking she wouldn't need them until winter but by then they would be too small and the weather was getting warmer. How wrong I was about the weather!

The Barbie top I bought last winter cos it had a Barbie doll on it. Its pink and Princess likes Barbie, so yeah! The jandals were free from one of Princess's friends who had outgrown them I think?

What do you think of Mini Me posts? If you had your own Mini Me, would you post their outfits?


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  1. What a stylish little girl, she is TOO adorable! You can see that she's definitely taken after her mother :)