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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well I haven't been on here very much the past few weeks so this blog is in serious need of updating. We've had breakdowns, travelling and lots of domestic and daycare activities that seem to have got in the way of that happening, not that I'm complaining at all, just haven't been inspired to write anything!

I have taken quite a few photos while I have been AWOL so that may give you some idea as to what I have been up to.

Halloween eyeball truffles; Diggers down by the pond; Princess downing Cheeky Monkey; pina coladas and feasts at Valentines; Mother possum and baby at night; Friends coerced into painting their entire roof; Happy dog and Princess on the teacup ride at Lollipops
Do you take a long breaks from blogging and why? Are you uninspired, preoccupied with your offline life, sick, dealing with personal problems or just plain need a break?

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  1. i did///due to sickness...i took 4 days off. a record for me!