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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday


I haven't done a WWW post in ages but here are some goodies I found this week!

- I prefer my trailer compared to the new Cricket trailer - hate the shape and the interior is not that great compared with other trailers I've seen.

- Take a look at Australian fashion designer, Alannah Hill's head office - so girly girl!

- This is pretty handy if you only have a car and want to go campng

- A working boat made out of chocolate - eat and you'll sink!

- Women and Money - think I may need to go on a shopping ban too

- I will have to try making chocolate avocado truffles as they remind me so much of the avocado drinks I had in Bali!

- I now want to live in a shipping container - love alternative housing!

These Halloween candy sweets are cute rather than scary and I'd love to attend a lush vampire style dinner on Halloween night

- Most people are either a silver or gold person - this post makes me want to go gold!

- Nerdy Movie Theatre Wedding is my wedding porn of the week along with the goth wedding videoat the end of this post!

- How To Rock at Blogging or Life or Both from Yes and Yes - rock it!

MessyCarla vlogs what is in her bag

A gorgeous Tim Burton Gothic Wedding

What wicked things did you find online this week?


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