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Monday, October 25, 2010

Wacky Days

Halloween is just around the corner and I will be in the "first town to see the sun" Gisborne for the festivities so watch out for the early sunrise vampires!

In the United States, Halloween is a big deal. They decorate their houses and shop windows, make, buy or hire amazing costumes (its a major decision what you are going to dress up as and it always has to be something more original than previous years!) and then there is the candy for trick or treating and the elaborate parties...

Here in New Zealand, Halloween doesn't seem to be as big of a deal (well, from what I've seen anyway, or should that be not seen?!), shops don't sell a huge range of Halloween stuff and in fact some people don't even bother with Halloween at all! Its sad actually as I think its fun to dress up in something scary and eat lots of candy (sorry those of you who believe in handing out tricks treats of fruit and other healthy items!) I felt this way even more so when I was a kid but luckily we had what they called Wacky Days at school.

Wacky Days were days where you had to come to school in costume and usually these days coincided with sports days or the end of term (or semester as you might call it.). My mother recently posted a few photos of me on Facebook in some of these wacky costumes and I thought I'd share them with you.

I'm proving my point here by posting that all of these costumes came from the United States. Next Halloween I am vowing to buy a costume online from there as there is so much more variety than here. This year I'm dressing up as a purple witch. Not original at all! But, see the American Indian costume in the second photo? My mother posted it to me over winter and I'm dressing Princess up in it for Halloween this year! I've had to adjust it with nappy pins as it is WAY too big and minus the doll handbag unfortunately. I must find out from my mother if she still has it, as I'd love to get my hands on it again.

What did you dress up as for Halloween as a kid, or if not Halloween than dress up days at school?



  1. As a kid in Switzerland, my grandmother always dressed me up for Fasnacht (sort of like Mardi Gras), but here in New Zealand not so much. I went to several Spice Girls birthday parties, though. I was Ginger Spice. In high school for history class we used to get dressed up and do plays or even sock puppet displays...even when we were 18 years old!

    This year I think I'm doing a zombie walk in Wellington, but only cause everyone else is doing it too haha I don't usually 'do' Halloween.

  2. yes, that's exactly how it is here. i've noticed it's really only big in the States, and no other countries.