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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel Tuesday


Last Thursday morning was a major rush to pack down as we were awoken at 7.30am by the caravan park owner and told to evacuate, we had, had three solid days of rain and the river here had come up and the whole park was starting to flood.

A decision was made that we would head into Napier to the old railway land (now a very busy gravel car park) and find out from the gypsy fair organiser whether or not we would be able to get onto the park at Havelock North in the morning (its a park which can get really soggy and our heavy vehicles are likely to get stuck). If so, then great, we would stay there but if not, we would head back to the caravan park later when the flooding had subsided.

When we had got to Napier there was a steam train there about to take passengers to Gisborne for the day. Unfortunately, it didn't get there though as there were land slides on the tracks somewhere on the line.

While we were waiting to hear from the organiser we went off into town, picked up three pairs of shorts for Husband, Princess's correspondence work, some Christmas wrapping, 5 pieces of jewellery on sale for $2 a pop from Jayjays and got breakfast from Heavens Bakery. We roamed around town aimlessly for awhile and then picked up some groceries.

We had a call from the caravan park that we could come back and the organiser said he wouldn't know until after lunch the next day whether or not we could get onto the park in Havelock North, so off back to the caravan park it was for the night. The remains of the flooding were quite clear.


Friday was an uneventful and really unsettling day as we didn't know until after lunch whether or not we could get onto the park. The day came and went and we heard that we had to be at the park by 7.30am on Saturday morning, we would have to set up quickly and start trading otherwise half the day would be gone.

Havelock North is a small village in the Hawkes Bay full of wealthy people (judging by the number of expensive shops there) and the cafe scene is prominent. The only shopping I really did while I was there was at the 2n5 dollar shop, the New World supermarket and Jacksons Bakery and Cafe. I did splurge on two identical bars of soap (one for my niece, and well I liked the smell so bought another for myself) at an upmarket gift shop called Red Current.



The coconut lime soap - Red Current; Saturday lunch - Jacksons Bakery and Cafe and British junk food - International aisle of New World supermarket
Sunday was spent entertaining kids and window shopping. Havelock North in all honesty is not really my type of town, its expensive and the snobbery of some (not all!) of the locals makes me uncomfortable. I think that's why I didn't do much while I was there and didn't take any photos of the village. 

I'm here at the caravan park until Thursday, when we head into Napier to set up for the long Labour Weekend. Next Tuesday I'll be posting about Napier and The Gypsy Fair. Is there anything any of you would like to know about The Gypsy Fair?


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