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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Travel Tuesday


So much has happened since my last travel post that I honestly don't know where to start! We are spending 3 weeks in the Hawkes Bay area so I'll break this into 3 posts anyway, starting with the caravan park we stay at while in the area, a cafe and some food (thanks Raquel!), weekend shopping and the television stint - I kid you not! 

OK so, our trip from Taupo to Eskdale was pretty non-eventful and the trip seemed much shorter than it usually is! The weather was fantastic though. I guess they don't call this the sunny Hawkes Bay for nothing eh? Ironic, that it is raining non-stop today though and there is no sun that I can see.

We decided that we would spend most of the week, when we aren't in town or at the fair, staying at Eskdale Caravan Park. The owner is hardly ever here, its really quiet with lots of open spaces and we get a discount. Awesome!

Our parking spot
The park office with the toilet and shower/laundry/kitchen block behind it
Last Friday we went into Napier and Husband dropped Princess and I off in town while he went out to Marine Parade to set up for the fair on the weekend. I went to check out some of the places @miss_mad_hatter (thanks Raquel!) had told me about. I found Zigg Zagg cafe but it wasn't open as I had gone into town REALLY early! I will have to check it out on Labour Weekend.

I ended up walking down to Heaven's Bakery (trust me, this bakery is like being in heaven - the food is amazing!) which has won numerous awards for being one of the best bakeries in New Zealand. I decided to sample a spinach and cream cheese gem and have an iced coffee for breakfast.

I had some more Christmas shopping to do so called into Jayjays and bought a couple of tees for my eldest nephew (and a cardi for me - oops!) and got a bracelet from the Alex Perry for Diva collection for my eldest niece (and a storage bag for me - oops , again!)

I went home for awhile and had lunch and then went back into town again with Tash and Princess. Our first stop was Savemart where I spent ages trying on lots of things but everything I really liked was the wrong size but I did manage to find a dress that fit perfectly and a small Billabong handbag I liked. We stopped at the supermarket so Tash could pick up some supplies and then we headed back to Jayjays where I bought a dress to match the cardi I bought earlier and I bought myself a necklace from the Alex Perry for Diva collection.

On Sunday I actually went shopping again (yes, again!) at Cotton On and bought a Miu Miu inspired swallow print dress, 2 cardis (khaki and black) and pair of tan oxfords. I found the perfect red nail polish too and will post about my Sunday buys on Friday. Here's a quick peek...

 Lastly, guess what was happening while I was in town shopping on Friday and what was completely unaware of? Husband was at the fair being filmed with our ponies for Campbell Live. John Campbell was there with a camera man for a story on some kids (who were also there along with their caregiver) whose parents are being deported, the kids may have to go with them but its back to the slums of India. TV3 On Demand have the episode up here (its NZ viewers only unfortunetly) for another week, so check out Husband and our ponies, with the kids and John Campbell!

The next Travel Tuesday post will be about our trip to Havelock North...


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  1. Oooh looks like you're having fun. I'm very jealous that you get to go to Heaven's and Zigg Zagg! That swallow-print dress is lovely.

    Have fun in Haverlock North! I always find it very...fancy.. there haha! Makes me nervous. See if you can spot Paul Holmes, he might visit for labour weekend.