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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Travel Tuesday

We left home on Thursday and drove all the way down to Taupo. We stopped at the saddlery in Matamata on the way as we had to buy three new halters for the ponies as the ones they had on were looking like they were ready to break. If we hadn't and they did break it would make trying to catch them very difficult and a funny sight!

Husband wanted to stop at Tirau and take a photo of this school bus sign (he is in the habit of taking photos of the strangest things - and he thinks I take strange photos!?) and I had to stop to give Princess some antibiotics for an ear infection anyway.

The weather turned as we got closer and closer to Taupo. The temperature always seems to drop when you head that far south and the rain starts pouring down. I had dressed for warmer weather as had Princess and Husband so when we got to Wairakei BP we quickly grabbed some jeans and jerseys and put them on. A couple of other gypsies were there filling up with fuel and gas (GST was going up from 12.5% to 15% the next day so we all filled up) but we stopped for a late lunch (I had sushi and lime juice but have no photos!) before we did. See how wet it is outside?

 There was a rest area about halfway between here and Taupo that we decided to stay at for the night, about six other gypsies wound up staying there for the night as well. Everyone had their fires going and had an early night as we had to get up first thing in the morning and head into Taupo.

In the morning we awoke to find we had run out of anything remotely resembling a breakfast food so it was decided that Princess and I would go out for breakfast and I'd bring Husband back a long cream donut (yeah, my man is a real bloke!)

So into Taupo we went and parked on Tongariro Domain in preparation for the fair on the weekend. I had heard about a really popular award winning cafe named Replete so thought I'd check it out.

I ordered the scrambled eggs with smoked salmon ($14.50) and a coffee borgia ($3.50 and its a mochaccino) for me and the kids menu ($9.50) for Princess. The food was absolutely delicious and very filling and the mochaccino was lovely. The service was OK but when I asked for a doggie bag (paper bag used to take enormous amount of leftovers home) the girl looked at me like I was a complete nutcase and the concept of a doggie bag was totally foreign to her. She gave me a bag when I explained though. I hate wasting food, especially if there is lots leftover and I've paid for it. But have I missed something?



Unfortunately, I didn't take many more photos over the weekend as I simply forgot oops! I went shopping at Jayjays (got 4 tops for Christmas presents - yes, Christmas! And a sweater for yours truly ahem...), Pagani (a tan wide waist belt) and Farmers (a pink heart bracelet for another Christmas present) with Tash and did a few other errands; Went out to Mr India for dinner with family and friends - went mango crazy with mango chicken and mango lassi and a couple of our group got food poisoning, not so good!; But most of my weekend was spent with my best friend, Natalie (whom I've known since I was 5 years old) and her 4 year old daughter, Samantha and of course Princess! The two girls together...

 Yesterday morning we left Taupo after getting road user, some groceries and emptying out at the dump station back at Wairakei BP. As we left Taupo we took this photo of the mountains, makes me feel very cold!

And, that's it until next Tuesday, when I post all about my trip to Napier via a 4 night stay in Eskdale (which is where I am now!) I'm off shopping in Napier tomorrow but will be back here until Friday morning. 


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  1. Ooh so jealous you're in Napier! My Auntie and Uncle run the Quest Hotel there, and just down the road is a great Salvation Army - when I was there in January I got an awesome vintage slip for $1!!!! It's fantastic, I wear it as a tunic all the time. In fact, I'm wearing it on my date tonight! But I digress - have fun in Napier, and go to Heaven's bakery for me, please, their spinach and cream cheese gems are to die for!