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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Sweets


This week has been so uninspiring and I've been a bad blogger as a result! I've had dramas with employees, management, children with selective hearing and a number of other equally annoying things. However, there was some sweetness to be had!

♥ Bright red nails ♥ Short weeks due to long holidays ♥ Labour Weekend sales ♥ Princess's work enthusiasm ♥ New friends ♥ Train rides on the beach - bumpy but awesome! ♥ Delicious vegetarian meals ♥ Late night shopping ♥ Getting all my Christmas shopping done - its true! ♥ Finally needing to use sunscreen - hello summer! ♥ Updating to Windows Live Mail 2011 ♥ Buying leggings because your sick of your skirt flying up I was out and didn't think the wind would get up but a good excuse to shop! ♥ Halloween planning ♥ Gigantic anchor necklaces ♥ Iced sprinkle donuts - a la foto ♥ Our Gold Coast Christmas holiday plans coming together ♥ Finding a top similar to Proenza Schouler

What were the sweet things you encountered this week?


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