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Monday, October 11, 2010

Sunday Sweets


A day late once again! Here's what I ♥ this week!

Unexpected television cameras arriving to film our ponies - great advertising for us! ♥ Ollie Bollen fried bread - its Dutch but not very healthy ♥ Getting a call from The Correspondence School to say Princess's work is being sent out today! ♥ Doing fix-it jobs to our fridge/freezer and television ♥ Seeing physical evidence of weight loss - goodbye 16-18 hello 14-16! ♥ Staying at campgrounds that give you discounts ♥ Wonderful friends that barter - cook you a great vegetarian meal and fix your computer in exchange for sewing me up some curtains? ♥ Heavens Bakery in Napier - it is like heaven eating here, everything is sooo good and it should be as they have won numerous awards! ♥ Going for really long walks ♥ Alex Perry for Diva collection - pieces are under $30 each ♥ Bright red nail polish ♥ CottonOn splurges ♥ Getting a great start on my Christmas shopping ♥ Laughing at girls who think our pony is pregnant -'s a boy! ♥ Rummaging through racks at Savemart ♥ Spending 3 weeks in the Hawkes Bay ♥♥♥

What were you ♥♥♥ing this week?


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