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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday



 Today has been so busy with tidying up, cleaning, packing down and having visitors before we hit the road again tomorrow.

I can't wait to share my adventures with you and if I am unable to get Internet I will be posting updates via Twitter so follow me on there!

I'm about to fall asleep, so please enjoy...

- Juliette posted lots of great photos from Mexico's bicentennial of independence both here and here

- Agent Lover is obsessed with perfumes that smell like dessert - me too!

- Its Spring here already so I'm going to re evaluate my spring style direction and incorporate the Pantone colour forecast for the SS11 season 

- The Mall vs Puta - personally I online shop alot unless I'm travelling as there are virtually no shops where I live!

- I suddenly feel in the mood for some macaroni and cheese! Some Hi Hat Cupcakes wouldn't go amiss either.

- Audrey Kitching and Tokyolux vid is here 

- Finding the life you have always wanted to -a how to - another great post from Chic Vegan

- There seems to be alot of bloggers celebrating their birthdays this month, some ideas of how to celebrate would help with the planning.

- 10 Things To Bring Back From Your Trip To Paris - and its all food and wine oriented of course!

I could live in a wedding cake or a confection of a house? Even a whitepod would be nice.

- I love Modcloth but I have to agree with Fashionista about the blog dresses - would you wear them?

- How to avoid becoming one of THOSE couples from the ever popular, Gala Darling

- Hannah rambles on about water, water, water and its importance in having a healthy diet plan

- A glam purple and lime green Halloween party - oh wow! I could go as Lady Gaga too!

- I'm drooling over the shoes at New Zealand Fashion Week from Kathryn Wilson - white leopard be mine!

- Carla went to the Look Show A/W 2010 - the dresses from River Island and Oasis - want! want! want!

- Gorgeous stationary from Kris Atomic - wonder if Princess needs some?

- Make Your Bath Water Glow in the Dark  - if only I had a bath instead of a shower!

- Pocket Rocket Fashion reviews the new Beth Ditto Collection changing room style

- Rosina Lee posts about fitting your vintage shoe

- Valentine posted a series of photos inspired by Gossip Girl in Paris - funtastic!

A review of Lily Allen's Lucy in Disguise vintage boutique from Annie of Room For Thought

- Rachel Roy's My NY Six Secret Spots

- A Blogger's Guide to Budgeting Time by Seablanket - must try some of these ideas

- Glamourizing the Filofax - think I need to buy one first

Boys & Girls of New York Fashion Week SS2011 from Justin Wu on Vimeo.

Nighty, night!


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  1. Ohh I love that picture of the girl in pink dress! x