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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

I'm going to be quick posting this as I spent this morning making the most of the sunshine by painting our truck. Now I feel like I'm coming down with something, my throat is mega sore and I feel REALLY tired!

- SillyGrrl looks at having fun on the cheap and Elle Sees looks at date night on the cheap - great ideas for beating boredum when your broke!

-  Deadliest Poisons - not the nicest ways to die I imagine

- I'm having a bit of a hair dilemma as well, bored of my hair colour and style also its dry and curly which I hate!

- Musical, Heavily Tattoed, Central Park Wedding; Incredible Fancy Dress Wedding; Aeroplanes, Vintage Fashion & A Food Fight

- Oh, yum! And what girl wouldn't want to win some chocolate? - its only open to those in Australia unfortunetly

- Here is how to identify a bargain from Already Pretty

- The final chapter of The Thrifty Guide For College Bound Vegans has been posted

- Doe Deere posts about Russian omens and superstitions - prefer the good omens except for the dog poo

- Luinae just J'adore Filofax - this post seriously makes me want to get one!

- This place is what I hope my home in heaven looks like

 - A water tower house fit for Rapunzel

- Fashionista shares some photos from Fashions Night OutKarl on a bike!

- Lots of people have flatmates from hell as does Raquel - her earlier posts on the matter are here and here

- Frock and Roll 4 Life Rules Which Are Excellent To Break is great -  am I one of the ones waking up in a new location each day in a caravan? Well a housetruck but close enough!

- MessyCarla is baking cupcakes every day this week follow her for photos and recipes!

- If only I could visit this 50's diner in the UK - from Retro Chick! and lastly...

- Happy Birthday Gala Darling and Nubby Twiglet!

What wickedness have you found online, this week?



  1. You so are, and it's AMAZING! Seriously, I think your lifestyle is flipping AWESOME. You would never be low on adventures and excellent stories to tell! Thanks so much for linking to my piece :)

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you so much for including me! I am in such amazing company! And thank you for sorting out my Wednesday afternoon procrastination for me =D. Essay, what essay?

  3. what a great set of links! super cool! off to read now!