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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

- 10 Ways To Eat a Potato (think they meant to say cook cos I only know one way of eating, it involves opening my gob and shoving it in!) - seriously these are good ideas

- Super Glam Corpse Bride, Spanish Wedding; and Pink Caravan of Love; are my favourtie love shoots of the week!

- Nubby Twiglet collaborated with Solestruck and GeeWaWa - more shoes to drool over and they look like baby Lady Gaga shoes!

- A Thrifty Guide For College Bound Vegans - Part Two - even if your not college bound or a vegan, these tips are still helpful. Mandi's raw food recap is a great post too!

- Its time to embrace the wearing of red lipstick, Doe Deere shows you how its done

- Parties of all kinds are fun and Hostess has some great inspiration for those wanting to entertain

- I agree with Luinae and not her principal, we are all true individuals AND I like her post on getting rid of writers block

- Did all of you enter this huge giveaway from Gala Darling? (haven't checked to see if the winner has been announced yet!)

- Drooling over Crush Cosmetics as they stock brands that are really hard to find here (at inflated prices but thats to be expected I suppose!) Thanks Frankie!

- My fave flickr photostream is edenlane - especially page 6 of the pink birthday party!

- Raquel posts about eating disorders and distortion - so many phases out there and I've never been through any of them, just because I personally think there is more to life than counting calories...

- So instead of being labelled drunk will you be labelled "scooped" after eating this? And this whiskey brings new meaning to getting on the piss...

- I bet Princess will want one of those Barbie video dolls for Christmas - so does her Mum!

- Christchurch bloggers post about the earthquake 1, 2, 3; 4

- Husband needs to take note that a bunch of rainbow rosies is what I want next Valentines Day

- Seeing Classic Fisher and Price Toys You Can Buy Brand New takes me back to my childhood - the phone and music box I still have!

- Paying a visit to the world's largest swimming pool should be on everyone's bucket list

- Yuck! I like birthday cake and french toast but not together! 12 of the most disgusting delicacies is probably worse though!

- Grit and Glamour share their office work strategy

- Delightfully Tacky shows you how to pack light - no matter how determined I am to pack light it never works out that way!

- Rumi Neeley has put up her Stockholm Photo Diary - always adore her photos

Doe Deere's very cute house!

Agent Provocoteur Fall Collection video

Beastly - want to see this when it comes out. Mary Kate Olsen as a witch yeah?

What wicked things did you find this week?


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