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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

OK, so its Thursday, I know, I know, its late! I didn't get to post this yesterday as I was busy with grocery shopping, orthopaedic surgeons, vehicle repairs etc etc etc.

Had some good and bad news this morning! Which would you like to know first? Good or bad? The bad I think, so I can get it over with.

The bad news is that Husband's sister in laws wedding is postponed indefintely - sad! They are still together but feel they are going too fast as they haven't been together that long, so no trip to Scotland next October! WWWAAAHHH!!!

Good news is that my Father in Law has been given the clear in his latest scan, he has to have them every three months to make sure the cancer has gone but soooo glad that everything seems to be a OK!


- They are called mallowpuffs here in NZ but mallomars in the US, here is how to make them. These some other cookie recipes here too.

- Shoe Girl, Celine Soto went to the Emmy's - glad she chose to wear that outfit.

- Lonny is a great online interior design mag

- There is a thrifty guide for college bound vegans - part one

- Garance Dore learns how to get a manicure New York style - obviously they don't do this in France?

- Forget going to the chemist just trust in God's medicine - a very interesting email that Dairy Free Betty received

- Mens Health looks at the 13 places to eat at before you die - if you make it!

- Yay! A Hawaiian and Maori Mashup Wedding - I'm Maori so I like the groom's outfit was inspired by Maori culture

- For those that are watching their weight (ugh) here's 5 lunch recipes under 400 calories - wonder how filling they are?

- Carlashes - eyelashes and crystal eyeliner for your car? How cute!

- In need of some shuteye? Need to know How To Get A Better Nights Sleep?

- I mentioned this last week but here's the final list for Elle See's Back to School Week

- Some retail businesses could learn a thing or two from Customer Service - from a customers perspective

- I'm defintely going in the sailor siren style direction, Witch Baby: Down The Rabbit Hole is a great style direction too.

- Do You Want To Be A Mermaid Or A Whale - to the woman that wrote to this gym, you are amazing!

-  Bakerella went to the Emmy's too and here's her pics from the evening - you reckon those actresses will eat?

- Things that make you go ooooooo - just like a Wicked Web Wednesday post and delicious photos!

- Lovin' the 40's and 50's style Autumn/Winter catalogue shots from Lena Hoschek too

- Learning To Be Happy With What You Have To Be Happy With - another great post from Corrine of Frock and Roll

Gossip Girl Season 4 - in Paris!

What wicked bits did you devour this week?


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  1. Thank-you so much for linking to my piece, Gypsy! And for commenting at Frock & Roll - I love that because that always leads me to discover excellent new blogs, such as yours! :D