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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Travel Tuesday

A sign on the Rotorua Soundshell stage
 We left our home base of Waihi in our house truck at about 2.30pm on Thursday and picked up Princess from daycare on the way. The weather was wet, windy and cold but everything was going well, we went through Karangahake Gorge to Paeroa. Husband started to notice that the steering seemed to be making some sort of a knocking noise so we stopped at Te Aroha so he could check it out. He couldn't see anything wrong so we carried on and eventually the knocking stopped. Weird! Princess had fallen asleep by this stage. 

A decision had to be made as to whether or not we should take the shortcut on Highway 24 and then Highway 28, and back onto Highway 5 to Rotorua. Luckily, my map book made the decision for me as the page which was supposed to have the shortcut on it had fallen out - must get a new map book! So instead we had to stick to Highway 5 to Rotorua. 

No stops were made the rest of the way to Rotorua as it was getting later and Princess I'm sure would start to get antsy. We went out to Te Ngae Road near the dump station and found quite a few others from the fair were there as well. We decided to stay there for the night and caught up with some of the other gypsies. Before we had left Waihi Husband had checked to see if the generator was still working after having not used it for over 3 months. It did when we left but when we started it that night, it broke down! So an early night it was, hoping it could be fixed the next day...

Our house truck, Epona (named after the Celtic goddess of horses)

The following morning it was off down to Rotorua Lakefront to set up for the fair. We ended up in a really wet spot and I thought we might get stuck but luckily we didn't. It kept raining on and off the whole day but I managed to take Princess and a couple of her gypsy friends to the playground down there and take some photos of the lakefront.

Looking out from the lakefront towards Mokoia Island

The Lakeland Queen that takes tourists out on cruises at mealtimes
 I cooked the kids some lunch and then walked into town with my friend, Tash and Princess. We walked up and down Eat Street (better known as Tutanekai Street) where there are restaurants galore, most of which are catered to tourists, as Rotorua is a major tourist town here in New Zealand. 

Husband wanted me to pick him up some shorts, so off to Jayjays we went and as I knew exactly what he wanted and what size, it only took a few minutes. Imagine my surprise when they told me if I spent some more money to bring the total up to $50 (the shorts were $49.90) I would get $10 off. Obviously, they didn't have anything for 10c so I got some cheap bracelets for $2. It wasn't until later I thought, why didn't I see if they had any tops for $10?

Tash and I had a quick look around Farmers and No 1 Shoes but nothing really seemed to take my fancy! I did however, find a light blue dress (on special for $10) and a coral dress (will be featuring this in Fabulous Friday) at The Warehouse along with a skinny gold rope belt. By this time Princess had woken up and was a need of a snack, so off to the nearest bakery for a mini quiche and juice before we headed back down to the lakefront.  

I get home and Husband has decided to try fixing the generator, cleans everything and makes a few adjustments, and its away again. I'm relieved because I was worried how on earth I was going to charge my laptop battery as you can't even get a 12v charger for my one, only option would have been to buy a new generator as we have had so many problems with the one we have. But at $2,600 for a new one, it meant having to save until we could get one! Oh well...

Princess wearing red skivvy - thrifted, nautical range cardi and dress - Pumpkin Patch, tights - $2 shop and boots - also Pumpkin Patch. Me wearing necklace - made myself, coat - Ezibuy?, dress - the one I bought from The Warehouse, belt - Supre, tights - Glassons and boots - The Warehouse.    

The next day Princess, her gypsy friends and I went for a walk around the fair. This year a couple of the older gypsy girls have started up their own stall doing beaded jewellery. They really like Princess so they let her have a go and making her own bracelet or necklace with her name on it. Seeing as they were offering her a freebie I went with letting her make a bracelet.

The weather took a turn for the worst so we were indoors for awhile until about lunchtime when the sun decided to come back out and off to the Lakeside Cafe I went in search for something to eat. The cafe is right on the lakefront and caters to the tourists. Every day hordes of tourist buses come and go from here, and the cafe itself is huge with ample amounts of seating. When we went in it was not too busy at all so the service was great. I have no idea what it would be like when there are busloads of tourists in there though. I didn't order an actual meal so have no idea what they are like but it looked like the normal cafe meals. If it is a pie or sandwich you are after though, I can say they were yummy!

This is what I bought for me, but headed home to eat it!
 After lunch it was still raining and I ended up with all the kids over playing with Princess's Mega blok's. They managed to make a really tall tower that didn't fall over for what felt like ages and I managed to take 5 photos of it. When they tried to recreate it several times, it kept falling over.

On our final day in Rotorua I had to go into town again, to buy hair serum and soap because I had completely run out and it was a quick stop at Starbucks for a morning white chocolate mocha frappucino and a gingerbread person (being PC here) for Princess and then it was back home to work...

I worked for most of the day and then took Princess on the bouncy castle but she seemed really tired so we came home and she went for a sleep. Unfortunately she woke up with a temperature and proceeded to vomit everywhere. The rest of my day was spent looking after her, giving her lots of fluids and medicine, she now seems to be feeling better but she's still having on/off temperatures, even now! Hopefully she will improve.

So, that's my time in Rotorua over! We had to head back to Waihi yesterday to collect Princess's preschool correspondence work, which fingers crossed will arrive by Thursday. On Thursday we are back on the road yet again, and we are off to Taupo. Next Travel Tuesday I'll be posting all about my time there. 

Happy and safe travels!


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  1. So. flipping. envious. of. your. awesome. New Zealand. travels!

    That's a gorgeous bracelet and your photographs are so beautiful and make me homesick!