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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Sweets


OK! It's been yet another long, busy week and I'm exhausted! The beginning of the week was spent getting ready to leave by Thursday. We had last minute repairs on the trailer (the set of  air pipes broke and it took forever for the mechanic to come with the new set), hair appointments and had to clean and tidy the ablution block. We had some last minute visitors arrive to say good bye too. We left on Thursday and you'll have to wait until Tuesday to hear more about it!

Anyway, here's what I'm happy and all smiles about!
Being back on the road again and back doing the fairs: Its great to be back and seeing all our gypsy friends again and hearing what they did over the winter period. Some have different stalls, some aren't back  until next week (breakdowns and medical reasons - poor things!), a couple of new faces, and someone is 4 months pregnant! And no, its not me!

Buying more sundresses in preparation for summer: I know you can wear them over winter with cardigans, tights and boots but they are much nicer to wear in summer with a pair of jandals (I mean flip flops!) or flats during the day when your lazing about in the sunshine - glorious! So much so, that I bought another two on Friday. Usually I wear alot of black, grey and white (and I mean all year round!) but this summer I'm being more adventurous and the dresses I got are light blue and coral! And of course, there is the gold plaited skinny belt I bought too....

Being told by several people that I look like I've lost weight: Its always nice to hear but I haven't been intentionally trying to lose weight. I don't diet (apart from cutting out dairy, well milk anyway, has probably helped but that's purely for health reasons) but have been trying to eat more healthily and I do enjoy walking alot so I've started doing that more. The other reason I think is that I've started to learn how to dress for my body shape, so I might appear to be slimmer when in fact I'm not!

Other sweeties: walks with friends up and down Eat Street; playing with my new pink Gorillapod; making necklaces and bracelets; Lego extravaganzas (wait til you see what the gypsy kids did!); eating out; playing around with my blog design; hearing my in-laws have sold their truck in France in a space of 3 hours?!; following @DelightTacky and hearing about her road trip in her winnebago; and getting a $10 discount for spending an extra $2 more than you were planning too!

What sweets did you delight in this week?


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