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Monday, September 20, 2010

Sunday Sweets

Yes, I know its a day late but better late than never right? Its a very short one this week too, think its because I haven't had the best week so hopefully this week will be better!

OK here's what I loved about the past week anyhow...

Tidying up my desktop; changing to FireFox and installing the Brief add-on; trying on 5 floral dresses; Cadbury's Bar of Plenty chocolate; getting and sending parcels in the mail; having a new tabletop; booking in for a hair appointment; hearing my SIL got stuck in a lift with an ex Doctor Who; hearing its daylight savings next Sunday; having Princess accepted into The Correspondence School for preschool; having fish and chip dinners with friends; and getting the truck painted.

What did you love this past week?


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