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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Sweets

Boy movie - watched it on Monday night and I although I liked it, it was not as great as I thought it would be!; summer skirts; red grapes - they have more vitamin C than blueberries and oranges; the return of The Missing; painting outdoors; Envisage Photography taking photos of Princess at daycare - a mini me post is on its way and I already have one coming anyway; buying the items below - all of which were on sale (love Modcloth!)

1. Military Jacket from Supre
2. Shoe Clips Away! from Modcloth
3. Retro Sailor Monokini also from Modcloth

I'm also sweet on discovering new blogs; finding out they have cans of Milo? haven't tried it yet though but sounds interesting; this flowchart; tweeting Corrine about chocolate, birthdays and Gorillapods - all the important stuff!; looking at photos from the family gathering in France; registering with Kiwiology; making plans for Rotorua - staying at Rapurapu reserve on the 23rd before heading to Rotorua on the 24th!!!; making donations to the Christchurch Earthquake appeal; being promised pickle, rhubarb, marmalade and baking in exchange for horse manure - can't say no to that can I? and wanting to see the finale of True Blood Season 3 - can't wait for tomorrow night!

What are you adoring this week?


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