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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Sweets

This week seems to have gone sooooo quickly! I spent most of the week spring cleaning our wardrobes and filled up a HUGE black rubbish bag of clothes, most of which has gone to the local Sallies, the rest I have yet to put on Trade Me, which is basically the New Zealand version of Ebay. I changed my blog header (not sure if I like the photo I look pissed off in it lol!!! - I wasn't though!!!) to something more inline with my spring style.

There was an absolute disaster in Christchurch yesterday morning - a 7.1 earthquake! I spent all day watching the news and wondering what I could do to help. I can't physically be there to help but today Salvation Army launched an appeal and you can donate online here or to the Red Cross here. I phoned up the Red Cross and gave them an automatic $20, my good deed of the day!

I love that I could do that and I'm also feeling sweet about Pumpkin Patch New Spring Collections (mentioned this last Sunday, but naughty me just got Princess this, this and this!); playing with my Sugarpill eyeshadow palette (Amy or "Shrinkle" as she's better known, has just released some new loose eyeshadows - Birthday Girl, Darling, Paperdoll & Stella are on my wishlist!); tan square; Princess's Fathers Day gift for Husband; huge hot pink flower ring (its ginormous and I love it!); hearing Princess sing Wheels on the Bus and of all things, Mamma Mia!!!; preparing roast meals and boysenberry panna cotta for Fathers Day dinner; Just Juice bubbles (juice and lemonade); getting a civil defence leaflet in the mail (with the Christchurch earthquake it pays to be prepared.); getting parcels in the mail; spring cleaning; making travel plans for a Gold Coast family christmas; arm massages using Heavanilli Massage Bar; the sunshine and Princess dressing up in an Elf costume just because...

Whats making you deliriously happy this week?


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  1. It's so sad about the Christchurch earthquake, I feel so sorry for everyone affected. But your week sounds amazing, and your Gold Coast holiday will be so much fun! :D