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Friday, September 17, 2010

Sick of Being Sick

Winter is well and truly supposed to be over in the Southern Hemisphere so why, oh why am I still dealing with colds and the flu. I'm so sick of being sick and want to just crawl back into bed and sleep my life away.

Ordinarily I don't get sick at all, the closest I get to being sick occurs in Spring (that's about now too - great!) when I suffer from hayfever. But this winter, I've been sick two or three times with colds and the flu and yesterday I came down with a razor sore throat, blocked sinuses and ears and swollen glands!

Having said that I know exactly who and what the culprit is - its Princess picking up bugs (along with making friends and painting scribbles) at daycare and passing them on to me as well as keeping some for herself.

I have been taking the following in the hopes it will help me get better faster! (Before, you read this I want to make it absolutely clear that nothing in this list should be taken without consulting a doctor first or used to replace anything which a doctor has already prescribed you etc etc!)

Panadol: I only take it when I have a fever, searing headache or a razor sore throat otherwise I stick with everything else on this list.

Vitamin C tablets: I have been taking two of these a day as its meant to relieve the symptoms of a cold. They are also meant to prevent colds so I will continue taking them even after my cold has gone.

Vicks Vaporub: I rub this on my chest and throat morning and night. It seems to help me breathe easier.

Lemon and manuka honey hot drinks: Lemon juice is also rich in Vitamin C and increases your bodies resistance, decreases toxins and reduces the length of the illness. Manuka honey is a great sweetener and is known for its own medicinal properties

Propolis Lozenges: I take these to help soothe my throat and they also contain honey.

Eucalyptus oil: I put a little bit on a hanky on my pillow but mainly I get a bowl of hot water, put a few drops of the oil in, cover my head with a towel and breathe the steam in. I sometimes use a bit of Vicks Vaporub if I have no eucalyptus oil.

Garlic: I try and put more garlic in my cooking as it is widely believed to be a natural antibiotic and full of antioxidants.

How often do you normally get sick with colds and the flu? What do you use to prevent and relieve colds and the flu? 

Here's to getting better soon!

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  1. I usually stick to drinking loads of fluids (I go through 3 lts of water a day when I'm sick), hot soup, honey and lemon, iodine mouth wash along with whatever my doctor prescribes which is usually an antibiotic.

    I can't take medicine for my sniffles because it accelerates my heart rate a lot.

    Get better soon!

    P.S.: Thanks for stopping by my blog n_n.