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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mini Me #2

Gulp! I have not done a mini me post in months and months and ah months! In case you needed reminding, a mini me post is where I take photos of Princess's (mini me) outfit and try to recreate it or vice versa. In some mini me posts it might just be photos of mini me's outfits - cute! The last mini post I did involved stripes and so does this one - next time it will be different I promise!

I am wearing:

- Pink/black striped draped top from Pagani
- Black tutu skirt from JayJays
- Black pantyhose from The Warehouse
- Silver glitter oxfords from Forever 21
- Wedding rings

Princess is wearing:

- Pink/black striped tee (gifted)
- Black tutu skirt from Farmers
- Black tights from the $2 shop (they were $3 but still cheap and actually not bad quality!)
- Silver sequin ballet shoes from Pumpkin Patch

If you have mini me's, have you ever tried dressing similarly?


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