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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Got My Dancing Shoes On

OK, so I'm defintely not great at taking photos and I don't have a great camera either but hey?!

I wanted to show you the floral dress I ended up buying at The Warehouse after trying on about 5 different floral dresses when I went to Tauranga earlier in the week.

It fits perfectly and in all the right places and will be fantastic for summer. I'll probably wear it during the day cinching the waist in a wee bit more with a belt and sport some Havianas or plain flats, then dress it up at night with maybe a blazer, some sparkly jewellery and heels.

These are some F-Troupe dancing shoes I bought from ASOS earlier this year. They look plain black from afar but on closer inspection are actually black rainbow patent! This is the first time I have ever tried them on and unfortunetly, they must be smaller sizing. Its obviously far to late to return them so I'll be putting them up for sale on Trade Me in the near future.

The floral earrings I'm wearing I bought a couple of years ago from the W H J Smith? store in Gore while were down there with The Gypsy Fair. I must buy more yellow gold looking jewellery, especially dangly earrings!

Now, New Zealand weather, can you please change so my next outfit post will have outdoor photos? I don't want to go outside and end up looking like a drowned rat, thanks?!


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