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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

- Here's a writeup about the Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas - there is one in Dubai as well!

- We have all had the flu so this chicken soup recipe will come in handy.

- Sea of Shoe's Jane shares her beauty secrets - I'm on the market for a new lippie so I might check out Purple Lab NYC.

-  I'm adoring this cafe in Mexico with its colour scheme and typography touches.

- Nubby Twiglet shares her Disneyland 2010 adventure with us.

- Which Fashion Career Is Right For You? - personally I'd like to be a jewellery buyer!

- Princess and I enjoy making cupcakes though they don't always turned out right but these Top 10 Tips For Making Better Cupcakes might help.

- Here's a look inside model, Alek Wek's New York apartment - I'll take her closet thanks!

- Some of the eternal helium balloons are really cute and they are designed by Clementine Henrion and made to last forever unlike normal balloons.

- Eccentric Heiress in Dolores Park is another great style direction piece from Gala Darling - if only Betsey Johnson sold the cheetah wink dress in XL! Gala's friend Shae from EverythingStyle did a photo shoot in the woods with Gala as well, that is awesome.

 - Pantry Staples in Australia is pretty similar to Newe Zealand though we don't all consider Vegemite to be a staple in our pantry!

- It takes alot to get motivated some days but knowing How to Set and Acheive Any Goal sure helps.

- New favourite food blog = Sunday Suppers - delicious! And I love Golubka as well - look at those parfaits!!!

- Eat, Pray, Love movie sets -   ♥♥♥♥♥ Oh! and jewellery designers Dogeared have just released an Eat, Pray, Love line

- For some reason this reminds me of Ugly Betty - how to wear tricky items - ponchos...

- There is a new service for your vajazzling your vajayjay - its called Vatooing!

- A rainbow cocktail - will have to try and make this and serve it at summer parties.

- Alot of people spend all day working at their desks but these work survival techniques should make office life a whole lot easier.

- I'm far too lazy to make classic french profiteroles and always end up buying mine in a packet in the frozens department of the supermarket.

- If I had of known that getting rid of stuff makes you happier I would have started having a cleanout by now time to start...

- Multi-Coloured Seaside Fun looks like a lovely bright summer engagement shoot and I love her blue top with the red bow on it, and the heart balloon, and the bright coloured shed...

- Imagine staying in this place in the underwater room - heavenly in summer!

- "That’s all about to change with The Aisle New York, a members-only website, set to launch the first week in October, that aims to offer brides-to-be a place to shop for everything, get ideas, and just enjoy the whole pre-wedding experience."

- People living in a Time Warp - women who still live in the 30's, 40's or 50's! I love the 50's as an era.

- Could someone get me a pair of these tights for next winter? Awesomeness!

- Elle Sees did a series on Back to School week - great for those of you heading back...

- Here's some videos from Coco Rocha's wedding in France - god, it's gorgeous!

- Does your weight fluctuate? Here's how to dress for a fluctuating figure

- .How To Be Ready in 10 Minutes - think I should follow this daily and not just when I have to be somewhere at the last minute

- Nubby Twiglet shares the beauty products she uses - this year anyway.

- What!? No way! That's disgusting that they can do that to someone

- All stylists have a great first assistant as their secret werapon!

- David Lebovitz went to New York and here are his dining and travel notes - his food blog is THE best

- The $4.95 dress from H&M is actually not bad! 


What wicked things did you see this week?


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