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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

- Some of my favourite bloggers went to LA and stayed at the Pailhouse Holloway hotel - ♥♥♥!!!

- 2010 Style Direction Part 2 ...Luinae wants to be a fairytale dancer this year.

- This cottage looks alot like some of the housetrucks I know - I'd love it as my summerhouse.

- If I got the cocaine sticker would I get hauled away by customs? Husband likes the sex toy one - what a surprise.

- Here's Liz's post that rattled a few bones - don't think Liz intentionally set out to hurt anyone.

- I wish I had this shoe collection - yeah...

- Good to know is Don't Be Ugly By Accident - Iphone users have more sex and using the flash ages you by 7 years!!!

-  Lady Smaggle wants to know what colour you are? I like pink, of course!

- Here is Rock n Roll Brides party report - love her hair colour and the skull tiara she's wearing.

- Hairdryers That Will Blow Your Mind - the gun one would if it were really a loaded gun.

- This article about eating out as a vegetarian from Corrine of Frock and Roll is great - quite a few of my friends are vegetarians.

- Any idea what you should do your first day in Paris - Paris Breakfasts to the rescue!

- Dirt Don't Hurt wedding photo shoot - like the silly string and neon pops of colour!

- Is it even possible to make a Bieber Fever song bearable? Can't stand him!

What wicked things did you pounce upon this week?

P.S I'm FINALLY going to see Alice in Wonderland - on DVD - after it being out for ages!!!


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