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Friday, August 6, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

Gosh! Its been ages since I did a Wicked post, luckily I have lots of spare time on my hands at the moment. Princess is at preschool three days a week, and it is utter bliss! I must do a post on her 3rd birthday celebrations which were held on the 18th July...

- Judy and Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes show you inside their home, on Nowness - all that style in one family!

- I've had an upset stomach of late so I am cutting out dairy to see if that helps, going on a raw adventure is tempting as well

- Your Moon Sign, Your Fridge, mine is more like my Sun sign which is Virgo, than my Moon Sign of Taurus. I guess that will have to change now I'm on the dairy free wagon.

- I bought my first ever Gala Darling's podcast, Love and Sequins #10 and so should you, especially if you are planning to jet off to somewhere fabulous!

-  This article about other bloggers by Corrine from Frock and Roll is fantastic and stems from her blogging series here, here and here!

- Here is a circus inspired wedding I adore. I especially like the paper flower details and the bridesmaid's different coloured tutu dresses are gorgeous!

- Oh Joy Eats shares her Top 20 San Diego Bites - one word "yum"

- Mugglenet's Butter Beer recipe and other Harry Potter recipes straight from sweet shop, Honeydukes and the pub, Three Broomsticks are now online.

- As a fellow curvy gal I feel your pain - why can't major fashion stores carry stylish and affordable clothing for those of ALL shapes and sizes?!

via IFB

- The Wizard of Oz has a dark side - I had no idea that there were conspiracy theories surrounding Dorothy and her red sparkly shoes :-)

- One Tree Hill's actress Sophia Bush, speaks out against Urban Outfitters on her official blog - I agree with you Sophia, do they not have a conscience.

-  Rock n Roll Bride is having a HUGE giveaway - enter!

- How To Make Brown Sugar -  honestly I didn't know you could or that you ever actually needed to.

-  There is a new online shopping tool from Visa called Rightcliq that has been endorsed by the ladies from Who What Wear

"Users download the Righcliq plug-in and can then add any potential purchases to their “Wishspace” on Rightcliq. Items are added with images and can be organized in groups so you can visually compare items for a more informed purchase. When you want to make a purchase, the tool securely stores multiple credit cards (not just Visa) and automatically fill in all the information you need to checkout. After you’ve made your purchase, the site tracks your orders. You can even watch your purchases make their way to you on a map. This is sort of an amalgamation of all a shopping search engine and those auto-filler widgets that were popular at the beginning of the aughts."

- Michael Jackson's mansion where he died is back up for sale again!

- I want one of these to put on my land - yip! Or maybe I'll redecorate so our housetruck looks like this inside?

- The world's first dark restaurant where all the wait staff are blind as well - there are other "dining in the dark" listed here

- How To Survive a Fancy Pants Event is a great post for those of you who dread going to such events.

- The Coveted shares her 5 Great Online Sample Sale Sites - I like Gilt but have never bought anything.


Until next Wednesday - chow sweeties!


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