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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Sweets

This week has gone so quickly! Its only a couple of days until Spring so I'm going to have a cleanout this week as well sort through my wardrobe, probably store autumn/winter clothes and bring out my spring/summer clothes. Hopefully, I'll sell some things off on Trade Me and give some to the Sallies, Princess's clothes I'll give to her daycare for spare clothes. More money to spend on new things, love it...and....

Passengers movie (wouldn't want to die in a plane crash but I like to think that those that loved me and had previously passed would come for me after I'm gone!) ; making Italian (beef lasagne and green salad with boysenberry panna cotta for dessert - shouldn't have had it as it was dairy!); apple shortcake slice; discovering the medicinal properties of apple cider vinegar (taking a teaspoon in water twice daily should do the trick!); sending Glassons gift cards to friends; getting utility shorts in prep for summer; buying this, this and this to fit in with my sailor siren style direction (outfit posts coming soon); putting Princess' paintings into a ringbinder so they don't get lost; keeping up with paperwork; joining Polyvore and creating outfits for Gala Darling's birthday givewaway ; cheese scones; family christmas wishlists created by emails; Husband's aunt sending old photos of Husband and his family (he was a skinny kid and Princess looks just like him!) and counting down to doing Travel Thursday posts again (we hit the road at the end of September and our first stop is Rotorua). Can't wait?

Oh, and what do you think of my introducing post header titles? I'm playing around with fonts for them - fun! Nerd alert!

What made you feel sweet, happy and fantabulous this week?


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