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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sweets

This week I am sweet on: New Zealand's Next Top Model (I think Elsa, Michaela, Courtney and Dakota rock it!); My new 8gb memory stick for my camera - it can hold over 5,000 photos - yippee!!!; Finally watching Alice in Wonderland (visually stunning, great special effects and costume design but otherwise blah blah blah!); Getting back into blogging more often and I'm going to keep it up, mini samosas with mango chutney (sooo yummy and its what I had for dinner last night - tonight its onion bhaji and potato pharata's); Indian feasts (obviously!); Pumpkin Patch's new Spring Cruise collection - ordered Princess this and this so she matches my sailor siren style direction (post on that is coming....); Sugarpill Sweet Heart palette; Mac Fresco lipstick; the thought of catching up with my best friend at Taupo (Natalie is rad!); this Tumblr poster; sparkly bow hairclips (coveting the one's at Forever 21!) and getting a text from my walking buddy who I haven't seen since May, to say she'll see me at the end of September - hurray!

What's floating your boat this week (sailor siren at play again!)???


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