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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sweets

We have all been sick for over a week now with the flu and I'm REALLY over it! The high temperatures, the coughing, the phlem, the popping of pills and potions all in the hopes we are getting better...

Its not been a week of enjoying much at all except maybe catching up on some sleep and staying indoors because its wet and cold outside.

However this week I ♥♥♥ homemade dairy free chocolate cake, watching The Notebook (can't believe I'd never seen it before! And YES I cried!), finding out my family Secret Santa already (its my sister in law who lives in London) and realising its only 4 months until Christmas!, chatting to my Mum and Sister on Skype (they live in Australia so its easier and cheaper to Skype them), Princess and Husband both being in the local paper, scouring Supre for cheap summer clothes and coming up with reasons to buy (going to the Gold Coast for Xmas so I need clothes, need shorts as I don't own any? - no joke!!!), and pink headbows.

What do you ♥ this week???


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