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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I'm back from a month long hiatus, my offline life of domestics, sickness, friends dramas etc etc has been getting in the way of keeping this blog updated. So now I'm back AGAIN with this weeks sweets for you...

Getting back into cardio workouts - I've started doing cardio workouts by DVD every morning, and I feel soooo much better for it and discovering muscles I never knew existed!!!

Making smoothies for Princess (and myself) - I have hauled my blender out of storage, dusted the cobwebs off of it, washed it lovingly and am blending away again. Princess and I had banana and maple syrup smoothies this afternoon but now I need a smoothie recipe that has kiwifruit (I mean zespris) and strawberries in it, is there such a thing as a pavlova smoothie?

Receiving an email from my sister in law regarding her wedding next October - I had an email from her yesterday with photos of the wedding cake they have ordered and the bridesmaid dresses they have bought. I know the wedding is going to be very classy and she will look stunning!

Receiving another text from another sister in law to say they are going to meet us in Waihi for lunch next weekend - We were going to meet them at a waterlily garden and have lunch at the cafe but we might meet them either here or here as the waterlily garden is closed over winter.

Wrapping presents for Husband's birthday on Wednesday - I used blue holographic wrapping paper to wrap up the bottle of whiskey, rare coin (he collects them) and The Simpsons DVD I got him. He's now talking about wanting a Big Wednesday lottery ticket...

Small sweeties - buying party mix sweets, snake sweets to put in jelly and wrapped sweets for a pinata I'm going to make, all for Princess's 3rd birthday on the 18th July (its Dora the Explorer themed, in case you were wondering); planning and buying for said birthday!; going on a train with Princess as a daycare excursion (all the kids were sooo well behaved!); homemade pink glitter playdough (my hands are covered in pink stained glitter); Vampire Diaries Season 1 and True Blood Season 3 appearing on my tv screen; cooking meals for friends; getting lots of parcels in the mail (even when they aren't always for me!) and rediscovering perfumes I didn't know I had sitting in my cupboard!

Whats making you feel sweet this week?


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