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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I'm back AGAIN! I've had a very domestic and mundane week the sweets of it which are!

Having Princess back in daycare: its good having her back in daycare, it gives me a break for 2 days of the week and she gets to socialise with other children. Last Saturday they had an open day with a bouncy castle, face painting and morning tea - she loved it and must have burnt off loads of energy as she had an hours sleep when we got home!

Getting back into baking and cooking again: The GST in New Zealand is going up to rougly 15% and that is on all goods and services, including my major weekly expense which is food and groceries! I've started to get back into baking and cooking as opposed to going out for food to cut costs and making great use of the home killed lamb and abundance of fruit etc we have! If anyone has any cheap and easy recipes that contain lamb, fejoas, lemons and mint - please let me know what they are!

Making wedding anniversary plans: Husband and I will have been married for 4 years on Tuesday. I think we will have a quiet one this year, making have some chip and dip while we watch some corny movies on DVD - can any of you make some suggestions?

Wee sweets: having dinner with old friends you haven't seen in ages; my outfit (post on Tuesday); white eyeshadow!!!; Angel Season 5; mixed berry cheesecake (had my 2nd one in a week!); going to art shows on really wet days; the newest Sookie Stackhouse book that I have yet to read but which I have just ordered; drinking peppermint tea in the hopes to rid myself of digestion problems; discovering its dollar week at the supermarket and hot pink!!!!

What are you sweet on this week?


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