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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

I was going to have a technology free night as I've got a bit of a headache from looking a his screen, but I need to get started on his, so here's some wickedness for you!

- Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes posed a Guide to Tokyo, having been there 3 times she has learnt a thing or two about Tokyo.

-  Secrets to being glamorous for every occassion - cleaning and dealing with cold by Super Kawaii Mama is just the article I need to read, and to be more inspired to get glammed up every day!

- Check out this DIY for insane Charles Anastase boots -awesome! Perhaps they should be submitted to If Shoes Could Kill

- I want to live in this apartment - white is boring!

- Redheads might find this helpful - hair hints just for you.

- Emily from Wildfox Couture did a 24 Hours In The Life and I'm so jealous that she stayed at Madonna Inn!

- Here's to the World's Most Expensive Barbie - diamonds of course!

- Mini Hotel Pods for the Weary Traveller - Just what we need to stay in when we arrive back from the Gold Coast at midnight in Auckland on 27th December.

- Twilight's Alice Cullen as style inspiration - she was meant to be into designer fashion anyway.


- Model Lara Stone got married to comedian, David Walliams which was atended by lots of celebrities!

- I'm planning on doing a post similar to Kingdom of Styles Royal Retrospective post. I'm a Taurean like her as well.

- 4 It Girls of Tomorrow - I'll be waiting to see...

- Airbnb is the new way of finding a place to stay and operates like an online marketplace! Their list of the Top 40 places to stay inspires me to go overseas just to stay either here or here! If I wanted to stay somewhere more local I'd stay here or here!

- And lastly, Rock n Roll finally revealed her new project - she looks stunning!

What wicked thangs did you find on the web this week?


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