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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Sweets

I love the foodie photos Paris Breakfasts have on their blog, the French make such works of art with their food!

This week I'm sweet on:

Being home for winter (familiar places and familiar faces) which means I'm able to put Princess into daycare for 2 days a week which gives me a break and means she has other kids to play with etc;

OPI Alpine Snow nail polish - its solid white, bright and makes a great change from black which is what my nails are normally wearing.

Organic home killed meat - we came home to a freezer full of lamb that Husband's mother had home killed for us, so if anyone has any good lamb recipes, le me know!

Booking flights to the Gold Coast for Christmas - Husbands sister is moving there in October so all the family is going there for Christmas. We can only be away for 4 nights because of work so we leave here on the 23rd December and are back on the 27th December. Princess and all her cousins will be all together for the first time. I can't wait!

Hearing that Husband's father will be ok - Husband's father had a bit of a cancer scare but even if he does have cancer, the scans showed it is confined to his kidney which means he only has to have his kidney removed, such a relief!

Smoked tuna and cheese sauce pancakes - My mother used to make these all the time for me when I was younger, and I do feel like some, so I'm making some for Sunday lunch - and boy! they are just as yummy as I remember them!

Other things I'm sweet on are: Husband remembering its our 4th wedding anniversary in a few weeks; going on the Aratere ferry; cocktail rings (bigger stone the better!); and playing Treasure Island on Facebook (just as bad as those farm games!...

What are you sweet on this week?


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