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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wicked Web Wednesday

After my short break from this blog I'm back again and starting with Wicked Web Wednesday! Doesn't working for Tarina Tarantino look like fun? What a cool uniform to wear to work everyday, so adorable! I think I found this photo via Twitter and if you'd like to follow me, please do!

- I'm quite often parked by a river camping and it would be pretty damn cool to attend a wedding while we were camping!

- Vera Wang x David's Bridal - think this will be better than the collaboration with Kohl's - yay!

- I love this editorial and I'm guessing the shoot was in Nepal or Thailand?

- I want a home that is a combination of all these photos, please let me live here!

- Alexander Wang's merchandising assistant, Tara Vasev reveals her favourite things - I'll take the lot, thanks!

- Our Favourite Nail Polishes For Summer from Fashionista - Here in NZ I bought OPI's Alpine Snow (matte white), Revlon's Blackest Black (obviously black!) and Tutti Fruitti from Maybelline's new Mini Colourama range (its pink with sparkles!) last week and they are all perfect for this winter! 

- Look at these cute eco-friendly, handmade with vintage fabric shoes!!!

- Gala Darling goes on The Search For The Perfect Summer Dress - I like the print of the 5th one but would love it in the style of the the last one - adorbs!

- Floral centerpeices are plain boring, non-floral centerpieces are much more interesting.

- Can you get Louboutins in Wonderland? - great advertising campaign!

- Improving Personal Happiness - so important!

- Style Rookie's Tavi turned 14 the same day as I turned 31 (gulp!) and she had her blog was shut down, for a day, because of the photo in that post!

- It was Earth Day last week and If Its Hip, Its Here found 72 Eco-Friendly Finds for Earth Day, with all the earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters occuring in the last couple of years its probably about time we took more care of our planet!

- Tiki Bar Pin-Up shoot - Drea Moresby who also models DimitySo lingerie sold here in NZ

- $20,000 worth of sushi, please?

- J Crew's Creative Director Jenna Lyons talks to Oprah about a day in her life - the video is here!

- Here are some photo essays of people's daily routines - fascinating!

- Gosh! There is alot of work involved in designing window displays at Selfridges.

- Alice in Wonderland wedding inspiration - aawww!!!

- Big spenders? Sounds like these people really are!


- This looks like a modern hobbiton - its actually an eco-friendly underground hotel!

- Designer drains - coolness!

- Shrinkle from Sugarpill went to a Gothic Lolita Fashion Show this week!

- Agent Lover interviewed singer-songwriter Josie Cotton (she sang and wrote the catchy controversial "Johnny Are You Queer" in the prom scene of the movie, Valley Girl!)

- Andrea from a cat of impossible colour has been in Austin for 5 days and blogging all about it - great if you are wanting to go to Austin anytime soon!

- Zac Posen for Target is Available Now and I didn't have enough $$$ as all my bills are due this week (great!?) and the dress I wanted has already sold out damn! I like the dressing room antics of Agent Lover though.

- Any idea what your dream town/city would have? I'll have to think about it...

-  Fantasy Accommodations in Italy - here I come!

-  Doe Deere shares the 13 Things I Learnt in London

- Believe me when I say I could live in one of these - its no bigger than a mobile home really...

- When you are bored and have nothing else to do, this is what you do!

- I want to be a Buffy Geek as I've been watching the series on DVD all week!

- Looking for Alice...

Until next week - chow!


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